Saturday, March 19, 2011

Homemade diffusers

I like the idea of infusing your home with happy scents, but abhor the idea of installing a manufactured scent using ingredients that include carcinogens, not to mention look hideous and waste plastic. So I was thrilled to see in the February issue of Whole Living (gotta love Ms. Martha!) featured some recipes for making your own diffusers using nothing more than essential oils, wooden dowels that you can buy for less than $2 at JoAnn Fabrics, and a few glass containers.

I bought the essential oils and a glass misting bottle at my local co-op, The Wedge, and hit JoAnn Fabrics for wooden dowels and two small glass vases.

I used my kitchen scissors to cut the dowels in half, dropped the oils into each container depending on where it was going - I decided to make a mister for the bedroom per the recommendation of the article, one glass diffuser for the living room, and one each for my office and the hubby's office. Here's the end result for one of the office editions.

While running errands always takes longer than anticipated - is this true for anyone else?! - the actual time making the project totaled 15 minutes to make 3 diffusers and a misting bottle. And yet, I can get hours of satisfaction out of the fact that I made something!

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